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Accessoires & Models

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CJ BAM Set of 3 traditional bamboo cups
CJ MAG Magnetic suction cups (7 pcs) with hand pump
CJ 005 Plastic cupping set (12 pcs) with manual suction pump
CJ 001 Cup in thick glass  XS/S/M/L/XL
CJ 004 Set of 4 cups in thick glass, sizes XS/S/M/L
MFP 01 Traditional seven-points Plum hammer
Roller Gold-plated spring roller for massage/stimulation
Stylomass Spring needle for earstimulation
Tsunmeter Cunmeter
QG MAG Magnetic Qi Gong balls (2 pcs)
Timer Electronic timer - 60 minutes
Practice Practice pad for three different skintypes
AT 001 Triangular disposable needle with plastic holder
COL 0,2 Neelde container CE standard 0,2 l
COL 1,5 Needle container CE standard 1,5 l
MP COR 3 cards of the body with acu points
MP ORE 1 map of the ear with acu points
KIT AFF Set of 4 cards - 3 x body - 1 x ear
Man 184 Model full size 184 cm
Man 87 Model 87 cm
Man 50 Model 50 cm
Woman 48 Model 48 cm
Head Model 17 cm
Foot Model foot 15 cm
Hand Model foot 13 cm
Tongues 30 Models of diagnostic tongues
Ear 22 Model 22 cm
Ear 13 Model 13 cm
Ear 40 Model 40 cm
Dog Model 29 cm with 72 acu points
PIG Model 14 cm with 55 acu points
Horse Model 24 cm with 114 acu points
Cow Model 16 cm with 68 acu points
Cat Model 18 cm with 36 acu points