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Where is my prescription or order at this moment?


The time from prescription request to home delivery takes a maximum of about 2 weeks. The practitioner needs about 1-3 working days to review your prescription request, turn it into a prescription and forward it to us. The NatuurApotheek needs about 1-3 working days to process and prepare the prescription for delivery and then the parcel service needs about 1-3 working days to deliver the package.

When your prescription has been administratively processed, you will already receive a notification with the Track & Trace of your parcel. However, the parcel cannot yet be tracked at that time. After the administrative processing, your prescription will be prepared, which can take 1-5 working days. And only after the parcel service collects and scans the parcel, the parcel can be tracked by you.

So if you requested a prescription from your practitioner less than 2 weeks ago, your prescription is most likely still in one of the above steps, and it will be offered to you by the parcel service soon. With the Track & Trace information you have received via e-mail, you can track the shipment and if needed, adjust the delivery date and time to your convenience. Tip: using the PostNL app on your mobile phone, you can also track letterbox mail.

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